We design and build cost effective, durable, re-usable housing system to the satisfaction of our clients. Our products can be easily be dismantled and transported to alternative locations should the need arise.We also provide knocked  down and on-site installation as per client request.

Another area of expertise is to design and develop urban and rural public facilities as well as bulk infrastructure.

Construction Method.

Our construction method is based on intermodal units (SBU) comprising.

  • Light steel module for floor, Roof frames corner Profiles and will panels with dense but light isolation material.
  • Appropriate eletrical wiring, lighting and plumbing.
  • balcony and extended roofing.
  • Exterior durtable quality material of various colour preference.
  • Internal furnishing based on pregference of buyer includes.
    1. Bathroom with shower/ toilet.
    2. Kitchette complete was gas cooker.
    3. Sitting room/ dinning  Room.
    4. Bedroom complete with bed/warddrobe.
    5. Ceiling fan or Air condition.
    6. External lighting.

Supply of Energy

We meet client's requirement of either energy supplying from the grid ot total solution with solar energy application or combination of both.


Upon order , we can deliver your home supplied , installed and commisioned in 12 weeks for all sigle units.